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Accounting & Compliance

We provide transparency and due diligence by taking on the responsibility of ensuring your Trusts are purposeful and reflective of your needs, compliant in the jurisdiction that they have been established and have the relevant accounting support to ensure that you have access to timely and relevant information when needed. We partner with experts from the legal community, our own accounting and tax practices, investment advisors and other experts to deliver a seamless end to end solution with integrity and unsurpassed knowledge and global access across every part of the world.

Trust Management

We work closely with your accountants and lawyers so that every Trust is reviewed annually. The review process includes sitting down with you to review the current assets in the trust, their performance, an assessment of suitability and identification of any additional assets that should sit outside of your current structures that should be protected All trust minutes and any supporting documentation including financial accounts and legal documents supplied by your other advisors to record meetings are maintained both physically and electronically to ensure that you have ready access to an original copy in the event of loss or damage occurring to your personal copies. The review process is documented by your Trust Manager and signed off by you as part of the Trust action plan for the next year. In addition, we revisit any wills, powers of attorneys and memorandum of wishes that have been prepared to ensure they remain current. The review process means meeting each year, reviewing the assets held and ensuring that all documents are recorded correctly in accordance with the requirements of each specific Trust. This process is critical in ensuring that the Trust remains compliant at all times.

Company and Trust Establishment

Trust Establishment can be a complicated process depending on the jurisdiction that you intend to establish as the legal entity. Some jurisdictions require registration of private trusts others don’t. We sit down with you to determine why and what should be created to ensure it meets your needs. This involves mapping your requirements and reviewing them against present regulations and court rulings in the jurisdiction that you seek to establish the entities. Our establishment service includes:
•Develop trust documentation specific to individual’s jurisdictional requirements
•Ensure any foreign trust is deemed compliant
•Trust resolutions supporting trustees’ decisions
•Develop any legal and financial structures specific to your wishes

Looking for an Expert Financial Consultant?

To reach one of our representatives in your jurisdiction, please send us an email and we will arrange to call you at a convenient time.