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We make asset management easy through innovative, personalised solutions for family offices.

Our Services

Accounting & Compliance

We provide transparency and due diligence by taking on the responsibility of ensuring your Trusts are purposeful and reflective of your needs, compliant in the jurisdiction that they have been established and have the relevant accounting support to ensure that you have access to timey and relevant information when needed.

Trust Management

We work closely with your accountants and lawyers so that every Trust is reviewed annually. The review process includes sitting down with you to review the current assets in the trust, their performance, an assessment of suitability and identification of any additional assets that should sit outside of your current structures that should be protected

Company and Trust Establishment

Trust Establishment can be a complicated process depending on the jurisdiction that you intend to establish as the legal entity. Some jurisdictions require registration of private trusts others don’t. We sit down with you to determine why and what should be created to ensure it meets your needs.


Why Come To Us?

We work with you to determine the best structure to meet your needs. We do not use templated solutions for our clients as we do not believe in ‘vanilla’ outcomes. Our relationships with our clients has to deliver value and we focus on helping our clients and families to build long term sustainable global relationships.

About Us


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Demeter Asset Management is a boutique private trustee company that assists its family offices and high net individuals structure their assets, investments and intergenerational planning. Established in late 2020, Demeter already currently manages trust assets in excess of US$20M.

With offices in New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, we provide a global platform to support seamless engagement with your accountants, lawyers and banks to provide access to unique and innovative investment opportunities and structures.

Demeter is a specialist group, we do not canvass for new clients, rather, we operate on a word of mouth basis and partner with key specialists to offer a coordinated and effective solution to meet your needs.

By partnering with key groups, we coordinate and customise solutions ranging from immigration assistant, asset and financing evaluations, accounting and compliance services and trust management.

Our innovative, bespoke solutions aimed at reducing your risk and asset leakage whilst delivering a pathway for financial security, asset protection and smooth transition to your next generation of beneficiaries.

Our Partners

We work closely with boutique partners from around the world to ensure that you have access to unique investment opportunities and tier one expertise to support your needs, some of our key partners include-

Our Investment Portfolio

Ceres Agricultural Fund Limited

A specialist agricultural fund focussing on horticultural and red meat supply chain assets.

Ceres Property & Infrastructure Fund

A regionally focussed property and infrastructure fund.

Ceres Small and Medium Enterprise Fund

A SIV compliant investment vehicle that focusses on investing in small and medium unlisted and listed regional businesses in conjunction with the Hamilton Knight Group.